Teamspeak Overview

by Helix Norway

[@HeliX Norway - {HX}]

RULES for our teamspeak server:

If you need something, please look for an available administrator, if the only available administrator(s) are in restricted channels, please send us a text message.
A number of our administrators allow pokes, but this should only be used in urgent cases, or if we have not responded to your text message within a few minutes.
Advertisements or recruitment in any form for any other gaming community is not allowed. (verbal, links, suggestions, just don’t do it mmkay)

Channel edicate:
When joining a channel, it is polite to pause for 5 seconds to see if anyone else is talking before you interrupt. If it is urgent then you may politely interrupt, provided more than 5 seconds has passed since you joined the channel.
Please do not loiter in the support rooms, please move to another channel if you do not have reason to be there.
If you are in a support room with an admin for any reason and another player joins for support, allow the administrator to handle the new support case without unnecessary interruption.

There is to be no inappropriate language in teamspeak, this includes but is not limited to racial and sexual slurs, excessive use of cuss words.
You should be respectful to other users and administrators in teamspeak, things may get heated from time to time but you should still be civil in your use of language.

No Trolling
This is self explanatory but includes and is not limited to the use of voice changers, playing music in a public channel not for that purpose, excessive repetition of questions, words and/or sounds.

Use of nicknames shall not be provocative in any way. Provocative nicknames will result in automatic kick from the server. Repatedly connections, will result in limited ban.
Nicknames such as TeamspeakUser, Admin, Nigger, Pussy or similar/expressions of these, will get you autokicked!

Channel Hopping
Channel Hopping between channels is fucking anoying for the peoples within the channels. If you participate in such activity, do not be surprised if you suddenly is banned from the server.

These rules are here for a reason, as we eager to have a good gaming experience and we welcome all who want to use our servers to do so.

Join us for a nice chat :) #{HX}



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